If you are buying a new garden shed in the coming weeks, you may have been told about Garden Buildings Direct, one of the cheapest places in the UK to buy garden-related things.

You may also have been told that, if you shop at this store, to make sure you use a Garden Buildings Direct discount code. You may not, however, know what that is or where to find one.

If that is the case, here are a few things you will need to know about a Garden Buildings Direct discount code, as well as where you can locate the one you will need.

What is a Garden Buildings Direct discount code?-- This is a discount code that can be found at various code sites on the Internet. These codes are released weekly or bi-weekly by Garden Building Direct in an attempt to get new customers to come to their store and shop.

Once applied to the purchase you make online, the amount of the discount is then deducted from your purchase total, and you pay the remainder.

What can you buy with a code?-- It depends on which code you decide to use. Some codes can only be used on specific items, while other codes are for a monetary amount or a percentage off anything you buy in the online store.

That is why, when you do choose a code to use, you should take into consideration how much you will save depending on which code you use, and be sure to use the one that gives you the biggest savings.

How long is a code valid?-- In most cases, a code is only valid for a week or two. Do not worry, however, as new ones are released all the time. Just keep a lookout for the latest one.